– lo-fi fan sketch

the lo-fi fan sketch
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von erich torpedo

und die erklärung wie er arbeitet.
skizze mit mini zeichentablett im mobil telefon,
ich glaube mit dieser funktion habe ich zukünftig viel spass 😉

Die Funktionsweise:
while waiting for my espresso in an italian cafe, it took the opportunity to draw a little sketch how my fan l-fi (ventilator) works. (i have no cam in my phone, but because i’ts so called smart, i can draw little sketches with instead of taking photos 😉

ANYWAY, How The vent works:
the vent rotates around the vertical axis, you can adjust the direction with the housing made of clear plastics.
because oft this, it saves a lot of space on your desk

the fan is able two operate at two speed stages
1. stage – english summer (used for the photo)
2. stage – global warming (never used, multiplicates the effect of global warming by extraorbitant energy consumption)

thats‘ all – for further questions write an email
or comment.

bin wech, de torpedo

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